Cryopak Digital, a leader in temperature monitoring devices, moves its Virginia headquarters to Roanoke.

Roanoke, VA – Cryopak Digital, a subdivision of Cryopak Industries, has relocated its headquarters to Roanoke. Having previously leased a location in Buchanan, the temperature monitoring division moved into its own building early last year and has increased its volume of demand this year following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cryopak Digital first originated as Escort Technologies, an Australian manufacturer that moved its business to the United States in 2002. Escort introduced popular data logging products such as the iMini, the iLog and the K1 indicator. Cryopak acquired Escort Technologies in 2011 and built upon its product line with additional offerings such as the CTL and MXP data loggers.

The Roanoke headquarters includes a warehouse and office within its 13,600 square feet and focuses on the assembly and programming calibration of Cryopak Digital’s many different product families of data loggers. There are initiatives to advance the operations process with a pick-and-place machine, which will automate the assembling of electronic board components to improve lead time and self-sufficiency.

“Having our headquarters in Virginia has always been a source of pride for us since it establishes us as a US manufacturer,” says Parminder Singh, Operations Manager for Cryopak Digital. “By relocating closer to the city of Roanoke, we are better able to access the labor market and hire the most qualified personnel. During the pandemic we have seen a great interest in our entire product line. While we have great ambitions to continue to grow and evolve our business, we find that our immediate focus is to stay market-driven and work with our supply chain to minimize disruptions and continue to support our customers.”


About Cryopak

Cryopak, a subsidiary of Integreon Global, manufactures items for temperature-sensitive shipping needs, including insulated shipping containers, gel packs, phase change materials and temperature monitoring devices. We also offer package design and testing services in our ISTA-certified package testing lab through sister company, DDL. Our packaging engineers can help ensure that your products will arrive within the specified temperature range and undamaged from the hazards of distribution. With Cryopak, you can expect quality materials and superior service from an industry-leading team of experts whose primary goal is to protect the integrity of your products. Serving companies in the pharmaceutical, life science, biotech, food and electronics industries, our company is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey and Montreal, Quebec, Canada with locations throughout the United States, Canada, and France to serve clients across the globe.



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