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Page Title Bracket These versatile loggers can record temperatures up to 125° with a probe sensor that can be custom configured to your specific requirements. Junior Series
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The Junior line of high temperature data loggers features great versatility for recording temperatures up to 125°C. Each of these units has a stainless steel base and offers either a singular or dual custom length stainless steel probe sensor. These probes are easily detachable, allowing for interchangeable probe assembly. Customized probe lengths and shape: SS, L shape, U shape, M6 probe and CAP. For Breweries and Distilleries, Food and Beverage, Catering, Pasteurization Logger, Culture Room and Lab, Medical and Pharmaceutical and Raw Material Storage Industries.


  • Stainless steel case
  • High Temperature range of 0 ºC to +125 ºC, average resolution 0.5 ºC
  • Options for varied sizes in replaceable stub probe lengths
  • Customizable alarm settings and programmable start function including magnet swipe
  • Waterproof, IP rating - IP68
  • User-friendly, multi-language software for easy programming and downloading
Description Specification
Size49 mm diameter x 28 mm height
Memory Options 16,000 readings
40,000 readings
Program Interval 5 seconds to 17 hours
Sensor Location Internal
Internal and External Sensor
Temperature Range 0°C to 125°C (32°F to 257°F)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.35°C (0 °C to 70°C) / ±0.6°F (32 °F to 158 °F)
± 0.40°C (70 °C to 100 °C) / ±0.7°F (158 °F to 212 °F)
± 0.55°C (100°C to +125°C) / ±1.0°F (212°F to +257 °F)

The Junior Egg Logger is designed to measure egg temperatures in cartons during transportation and storage or during the incubation process. It can also be used in any other application that prohibits the use of other loggers due to size requirements.


  • Transportation of Eggs
  • Storage of Eggs
  • Monitoring of nests and hatcheries
Description Specification
Size45 mm diameter 59 mm height
Memory Options 16,000 readings
Program Interval 5 seconds to 255 minutes
Sensor Location Internal
Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.3°C (-20°C to 60°C) / ± 0.6°F (-4°F to 140°F)
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