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Page Title Bracket A single-trip device with a large LCD screen for easy viewing of real-time temperature. iMINI LCD
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The iMINI LCD is a single-trip temperature logger with an LCD screen for easy viewing of temperature data. The advanced monitoring technology in this product provides higher accuracy when detecting changes in shipment temperature. Its versatile capabilities make it ideal to use within the food and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Single use logger with easy to read LCD screen
  • Pre-programmed to customer specifications
  • High accuracy
  • 21 CFR compliance
  • Large memory capacity
  • Compact profile
  • Waterproof pouch
  • 4 alarm thresholds
Size68 x 37 x 5 mm (without sleeve)
81 x 52 x 5 mm (with sleeve)
Memory Options 8K, 7808 readings
Program Interval 5 seconds to 17 hours
Sensor Location Internal
Temperature Range -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5⁰C (-40⁰C to -10⁰C) / ±1⁰F (-40⁰F to +14⁰F) ±0.3⁰C (-10⁰C to +80⁰C) / ±0.6⁰F (+14⁰F to +176⁰F)
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