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Cryopak Digital is a data-driven business unit of Cryopak.

At Cryopak Digital, we are committed to the design and manufacturing of the most technically advanced, reliable, self-powered data loggers in the world. Cryopak data loggers are principally used for cold chain management solutions to ensure that food, medical and pharmaceutical products are stored and transported in their required temperature conditions. Our devices are also extensively used for environmental and heating/ventilation monitoring for building management, plus energy saving applications.

Dedicated to providing quality management solutions

Cryopak Digital offers an extensive range of temperature and humidity monitoring devices, we employ the latest technology as it becomes available, and have a strong track record for introducing new products to meet customer needs. We pride ourselves on being a market driven company providing a high level of service to both distributors and customers alike.

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Cryopak Digital is part of the Integreon Global family of companies working to ensure product integrity and protection.

True to its name, Integreon and it’s subsidiaries work closely together to provide a full range of integrated solutions and services that allow customers an easy and comprehensive way to achieve their end goals.

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Cryopak is a complete cold chain solutions provider specializing in the field of temperature controlled packaging and cold chain services. Cryopak Digital products integrate seamlessly with the reliable cold chain packaging from Cryopak.

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DDL provides package, product and materials testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries. Utilizing Cryopak Digital products, many of the tests offered by DDL are able to accurately record various testing data.

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LaunchWorks is a full-service contract manufacturer focused exclusively on the Life Sciences Industry. The Cryopak Digital team works with LaunchWorks to provide products and services that are utilized by LaunchWorks to support its own customers base.

** Cryopak Digital is a a business unit within Cryopak **


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Our Commitment to the Environment

Cryopak Digital recognizes the need to protect the environment. Used electronic products and batteries are required to be disposed of in accordance with the regulatory requirements of each country. We have established a “Return and Refurbish” program, which invites users of our data loggers to return them to us for proper disposal after use.

Cryopak Digital is always looking to improve our company with talented new employees.

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