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Real Time Temperature Monitoring for Warehouses

When it comes to storing manufactured items, there is often some anxiety about whether the product will stay in good condition during its time in storage. This anxiety increases when the product is a perishable item that is sensitive to temperature. Fortunately, there is a system that can help relieve this stress and allow a supplier to check on their product while it is in the warehouse: real-time temperature monitoring. What It Is Real-time temperature monitoring is the ability to remotely monitor the temperature of a refrigerated storage unit. With the use of wireless sensors that can transmit data to Read More

Cybersecurity – Everyone’s Responsibility

To mark Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Cryopak dives into the importance of being digitally secure in the cold chain industry.   The cold chain industry is one that incorporates several different processes, from manufacturing to logistics. All of these use the latest technological systems to ensure the best quality and service for its customers. But what if that technology is threatened in some way? In this article, we discuss why the issue of cybersecurity is important to the cold chain and what can be done to make sure that a system is able to defend a company’s technology. Why Cybersecurity Matters Read More

Ramping Up in Roanoke

Cryopak Digital, a leader in temperature monitoring devices, moves its Virginia headquarters to Roanoke. Roanoke, VA – Cryopak Digital, a subdivision of Cryopak Industries, has relocated its headquarters to Roanoke. Having previously leased a location in Buchanan, the temperature monitoring division moved into its own building early last year and has increased its volume of demand this year following the COVID-19 pandemic. Cryopak Digital first originated as Escort Technologies, an Australian manufacturer that moved its business to the United States in 2002. Escort introduced popular data logging products such as the iMini, the iLog and the K1 indicator. Cryopak acquired Read More

10 Tips to Consider When Mapping Storage Areas for the Cold Chain

When mapping storage areas (warehouses and trailers) for temperature sensitive items, you must consider more than just taking note of the temperature in certain areas. You must also take into consideration: dead areas, the outside temperature (such as summer and winter), and power failures (especially for trailer mapping). Tip #1 - Keep Track of the Time There is no specific regulatory requirement stating the appropriate amount of time to spend mapping your trailer, warehouse, or equipment.  We recommend that you map your warehouse for a minimum of 7 days. This way you cover your weekdays and weekends. The primary objective Read More

October 16, 2020|

Cryopak Looks to the Future with Changes to its Cryopak Digital Business Unit

Cryopak, leader in temperature control packaging and temperature monitoring devices making a strategic move to put additional focus on its Cryopak Digital brand. Edison, NJ – Cryopak, a leader in the cold chain packaging industry, is making important changes in its Cryopak Digital business unit. Cryopak Digital, which has been, and will continue to function as a part of Cryopak (provider of temperature control packaging and temperature monitoring solutions), and parent company, Integreon Global, will be making organizational strides to shift its focus from providing traditional products in this space to that of a solutions-oriented, end-to-end customer needs driven group, whose products Read More

July 15, 2020|

Cryopak Introduces New Wireless Temperature Logger

Cryopak is proud to announce the unveiling of its new data logger with wireless capabilities: the CTL (Contactless Temperature Logger). The new addition to the company’s cold chain portfolio provides an efficient and advanced method in obtaining and syncing data with today’s mobile devices and computers. The CTL is a plug-and-play device that accurately captures the required temperature data and presents the information in an easy, readable report available in PDF, Excel, and Raw Data formats. This logger allows a connection for data transfers via mobile app. The first release of the CTL is compatible with Android devices; iOS and Windows Read More

November 19, 2019|
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