Cryopak Digital solutions are used to help validate packaging systems based on a variety of standards and requirements. Partnering with our sister company, DDL, Cryopak Digital solutions are used to test the environmental stability of a package by performing a series of stress induced tests with a focus on temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Additionally, with another Integreon company, LaunchWorks, Cryopak Digital is used to help validate various other products before they are launched into production.

  • Package integrity testing
  • Product validation testing
  • Quality and performance assurance
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Return & Refurbishment

Cryopak recognizes the need to protect the environment. Used electronic products and batteries are required to be disposed of in accordance with the regulatory requirements of each country. We have established a “Return and Refurbish” program, which invites users of our data loggers to return them to us for proper disposal after use.

  • Committed to quality AND the environment
  • Meets regulation requirements for each country
  • Proper disposal of data loggers and batteries
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Customer Service

Aside from our superior products we also have the experience to be able to address our customers’ every need. We can provide assistance on troubleshooting products as well as regulatory support and training which allows our clients to comply with relevant regulations and mandates.

Our background and experience in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, clinical and food markets allows us to knowledgeably consult and guide a variety of customers through their technology selection and adoption process so that appropriate products, services or a mix of both are chosen to increase reliability and visibility within supply chains, while minimizing losses.

  • Responsive customer service representatives
  • Knowledgeable support staff
  • Regulatory and technical support
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Temperature & Shipping Lane Mapping

Inadequately controlled environments can lead to ineffective or spoiled products. Cryopak Digital offers complete mapping services that help reduce costs while satisfying even the most demanding regulations.

We perform temperature mapping to generate a temperature profile of the facility/shipping lane that your product will be in to ensure it maintains the temperature range required by the specific temperature sensitive products.

  • Solutions for every budget
  • An essential exercise to determine the location of the real-time monitoring system sensors
  • Required by the FDA and Health Canada
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